Today, exactly one year ago, we posted our very first devlog entry for Legion Hearts. Let’s see all that’s happened since then!


State of the Project

Legion Hearts is currently heading towards the end of pre-production in the form of a vertical slice. Think of it as a very polished demo that we can release as is and pitch the game to investors.

Should we succeed with it, we’ll be able to enter the production phase. We’ll try to create a proper roadmap towards the end of the year to go over the most important milestones and timeline we’re looking at.

The Road Ahead

Chipping in hours after work here and there will only take us so far. Our next goal is to look into funding options in order to pursue the development of Legion Hearts full-time.

Currently, we’re considering government grants, equity investments and crowdfunding options. Realistically, we’ll probably need a little bit of everything to fully cover our costs.

It’s a bit of a dry topic, but ultimately this game ever seeing the light of day depends on whether or not we have the money to make it. If nothing else, we’ll aim to stay fully transparent with you throughout the process.