Hello world! We’re thrilled to announce that Legion Hearts is officially in development, and here’s what it’s all about.

Tactile Strategy

Legion Hearts is an SRPG/Auto-Battler hybrid where you draft powerful battle squads from a massive pool of characters and outsmart your opponents in a turn-based battle system. As a commander, you have to predict the flow of the battle and deploy your units to strike the enemy when they are most vulnerable.

The combat system is backed up by a deep customization system enabling you to equip your units with a variety of skill cards that determine what each unit’s attack will do. Choose your characters, select your skills, and test out your composition in either solo or multiplayer battles!

Your Legion, Your Story

Legion Hearts is set on Yggdrasil, a colossal biosphere holding the three realms of Asgard, Midgard and Hel together. Humanity resides in Midgard, where it lives scattered across 7 isolated colonies, each featuring its own history, culture and cast of characters.

The story-driven single-player campaign will lead you through the many different branch worlds of Midgard, where your choices and the characters you’ve recruited will heavily influence the outcome of each chapter. What is the legacy you will leave behind?

The Last Valkyrie

The story begins as darkspawn forces from Hel invade Midgard, heralding the beginning of Ragnarok. Throughout history, each colony produced a powerful Valkyrie during this time of need – immortal warriors who would fight alongside the gods at the gates of Asgard and triumph over the forces of evil, allowing the surviving humans to start civilization anew.

You are the Chronicler of this cycle – a unique figure tasked with braving the vast distances across Midgard to find and awaken the seven Valkyrie. Your final journey will require many a sacrifice, yet you will prevail and prevent Ragnarok. Such is the prophecy, after all.

State of the Project

Legion Hearts will remain in pre-production for the foreseeable future while we continue to scope out the features and develop prototypes to assess the time and resources required. Even though it will take some time until you can play the game, we’ll do our best to share updates regularly.

Based on our current progress, we’re aiming for a 2022 release with a public vertical slice available sometime next year. The target platforms are are PC, Mobile, and possibly home consoles depending on the progress and accessibility of streaming services at that time. Wish us luck!

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