You probably found out about Legion Hearts from one of the character designs, so let’s take a deeper look at some of them!

Behind the Art

Both the story and gameplay of Legion Hearts revolve heavily around the many different characters you’ll encounter in the game. As such, our main priority was to work within a setting that allowed for a wide range of unique characters to coexist, but more on that later.

The man behind the art is Max Berthelot, a French character designer based in Japan. He caught our eye with his work on Mistwalker’s Terra Battle, and we’re really happy to have his unique designs featured in our game. Here are some of the first concepts he created for Legion Hearts!

Senna, the Great Navigator

Senna is a renowned navigator from Zenith and served on many different exploration ships from a young age thanks to her family’s close ties to the merchant navy. After years of intense preparation, she now leads her first expedition deep into the inner branches in order to reach her father’s last known location and discover the secrets of the failed voyage.

Senna’s in-game ability is “Wildfire” which briefly suppresses multiple enemies, delaying their turns and reducing their attack damage.

Nelson, the Ghost Warrior

Nelson is a veteran sniper and a founding member of Omega, a secret paramilitary group aiming to restore and control the ancient machines of the previous cycle. Few have ever survived an encounter with him, and he remains a fearsome enemy despite his age and is determined to fight for the cause until the bitter end.

Nelson’s in-game ability is “Last Breath” which grants him stealth and increased critical damage for his first attack in a battle.

Ilia, the Faithless Knight

Ilia was a faithful knight in the service of the church in Wolkental. But her fate came to a crossroads when she witnessed the wholesale slaughter of a pagan village to feed a strange, foreign machine. She now leads an armed revolt against the church, promising to uncover its sinister machinations that terrorized the people for many decades. Only time will tell, however, if some secrets are indeed best kept hidden.

Ilia’s in-game ability is “Bastion” which grants her increased damage reduction while negating all nearby area of effect damage.

Many Worlds Apart

Curious about how these characters can coexist in the same game? Legion Hearts takes place in eight different colonies scattered all across Yggdrasil. Due to their isolation, these colonies have developed at vastly different rates and what little knowledge they have of the outside world stems from artifacts left behind by the previous cycle.

As the chronicler of this cycle, you must travel across Yggdrasil to warn the colonies about the imminent Ragnarok and unite them under a single banner before it is too late. That’s easier said than done however, as not all humans you’ll encounter will share the same desire to survive the end of the world.

We’ll dive into the eight colonies more in-depth in the next post, so stay tuned!