We got some new character concepts and sketches to share!

3 New Characters

Our character designer Max Berthelot has been hard at work drawing up new concepts for the game, and we wanted to showcase some of them today.

Shu, Max and Casper are all from different regions and time periods, but you’ll be able to use them in the very same deck come time for Ragnarok. Let’s take a look!

Shu, the Quiet One

Shu built up a fearsome reputation as a ruthlessly efficient mercenary in Paragon’s lawless underworld, with a presumed body count in the hundreds.

At some point, he was approached by Eve to join SI6, a special operations squad under direct Government supervision. No one other than those two know what caused his change of heart, and perhaps it is best if it remained that way.

Shu’s in-game ability is “Precision Burst” which tags and suppresses enemies. If the target is already tagged, Shu will instantly kill the target instead.

Max, the Ashen Boy

Max is a skilled craftsman who inherited his father’s workshop at a very young age. He gets scared easily, but does his best to never let it show – especially around his little sister.

While he has never been one to dream about adventure, the outbreak of war in Wolkental forces him to take up arms and defend what little he has left.

Max’s in-game ability is “Dart” which applies Bleeding, Poison as well as Fatigue to the target, able to deal extremely high damage should the battle drag on.

Casper, the Old Machine

Casper is rogue AI from a bygone age who found refuge in the body of a derelict worker drone. He keeps a low profile as he explores the curiosities of the new world and searches for a way to unlock his scrambled memory data.

Despite his innocuous appearance however, Casper is a capable fighter and able to hack into machines of all kinds.

Casper’s in-game ability is “Override” which temporarily increases the power of a robotic target until it self-destructs.