Previews of the last 4 regions in Midgard!

Game World, Part 2

Today we’ll showcase the remaining 4 regions to round out our game world preview. In Legion Hearts, you will travel to each of these locations and pick out worthy mortals to recruit into your army.

That’s easier said than done however, and you will find that many of the nations you will visit are facing great crises. Therefore, the mortals you recruit will not only bolster your own ranks, but often leave a permanent mark on Midgard’s history as well. Who will you accept into your Legion?


Weisshaupt is a medieval kingdom that lies in the northwest of Midgard. The Church of Libra’s absolute rule over its devout people is fractured when a disgruntled minister, aided by opportunistic nobles, exposes the depths of their corruption. The startling revelations spread like wildfire, and many answer the call to join a reformist army gathering on the outskirts of the holy land.

Theme: The story of Weisshaupt is based on the Thirty Year’s War and depicts a deep political struggle masquerading as a religious conflict. As this region is based on Europe rather than a single country, we wanted to include a historical event that influenced almost every nation on the continent. Plus, it’s a staple setting for any SRPG!


Serien is a frontier colony that lies in the south of Midgard. Five tribes inhabit this region, and their coexistence is at best tolerated. Everything changes however, when a foreign invader appears – aiming not to subjugate, but to exterminate. Can the warring tribes unite to face their common foe, or will they remain divided, dooming them all?

Theme: Serien is loosely based on various tribes from southern Africa, such as the Zulu. The story deals with the introduction of total war to a society that has never experienced anything like it before, and depicts the struggles of uniting historical enemies under the same banner.


Nautilus is a port town that lies in the southwest of Midgard. This former slave colony is about as lawless at it gets, but it remains a safe haven for petty criminals, fugitive slaves and would-be pirates. When tales of a legendary treasure echo through the bustling taverns, three fledgling pirates hedge a bet before setting sail under different flags.

Theme: Nautilus is inspired by many of our childhood tales about pirates, ranging from Skies of Arcadia to Pirates of the Carribean. This region differs from all others in that its story premise does not revolve around a central theme or enemy to defeat, and instead depicts an adventure simply for what it is – fun.


Roanoke is a tribal village that lies in the west of Midgard. The very nature that once supplied the people with fertile land now poisons the air, but tradition proves to be a stubborn foe to overcome. Directly disobeying the elder’s order to stay, a young girl risks everything to save her people – even if it means a lonely death in exile.

Theme: Roanoke is loosely based on the first nations people from North America and explores the effects of climate change on a primitive civilization that is entirely dependent on its environment.

One Chapter At A Time

Legion Hearts will be released in an episodic format, with new updates adding new campaign chapters unit sets over time. Like we mentioned in our earlier post, the first campaign chapter of the game will be set in Weisshaupt and follow Ilia during the reformist rebellion.

Our roadmap beyond that point remains pretty flexible however, and we’d like to get your input on it. To that end, we’ll run a newsletter poll to get your feedback about which regions you find most interesting in the near future and adjust our release schedule accordingly. Make sure to get subscribed so you don’t miss it!