Get a sneak preview of the combat system!


Legion Hearts uses a tactical turn-based combat system that requires you to predict the flow of the battle. After you’ve positioned your units on the battlefield, you get to watch your battle plan unfold in real time! (As usual, placeholder art alert!)

Your goal is to kill the enemy leader unit while keeping yours alive. That’s easier said than done however, and the approach you take depends entirely on the units you have available and what you’re up against. Let’s take a look!

Battle Setup

As you have no control over your units once you begin the battle, you must formulate your strategy during the setup phase. Here, you have the following three tools to create your strategy:

  • Selecting your units from your hand
  • Placing your units on the grid
  • Timing your units in the queue

All units have a predetermined target pattern – some may attack frontline units in the adjacent lane, while others could try to assassinate vulnerable backliners. Getting your units to target a valuable enemy often puts them in harm’s way, so you need to be doubly careful with their placement.

Each unit will act exactly once per round of combat, and initiative will be swapped over to the opposing side after each turn. This means selecting the right unit to attack at the right time is paramount, and you should schedule your moves in the queue around those of the enemy.

Character Abilities

Each character comes with two innate abilities based on their class, and equipment sets may provide a third ability. Let’s take a look at Nelson, the Last Breath as an example. His abilities read as follows:

  • Steady Aim: Nelson gains 5% Critical Damage per turn. This bonus is lost if Nelson does not kill his target when attacking.
  • Stealth Suit: Nelson remains untargetable until he attacks or takes damage.

Nelson is a fairly straightforward Duelist – the later he attacks, the stronger his attack will be, making him ideal for finishing off enemies. Thanks to his Stealth Suit ability, you can also be much more aggressive with his placement as he cannot be directly targeted for a while.

Character Stats

All characters in Legion Hearts share the same 6 base stats, giving us the depth we wanted from the combat system while keeping it relatively light. The first three stats determine a unit’s defensive capabilities, and the last three determine its offensive power:

  • Hit Points: Determines the damage threshold until KO
  • Defense: Reduces incoming damage
  • Resistance: Reduces the duration of debuffs
  • Power: Determines the power of abilities
  • Critical Chance: Determines the chance to land critical hits
  • Critical Power: Determines the power modifier for critical hits

While most character attributes are balanced around their class, you’ll be able to make adjustments through the gear system. Say you’re always buffing the Critical Chance of your Duelist with a Tactician anyways, then you might want to seek out equipment granting more Critical Damage instead.

And that’s the end of our preview today. We’re working hard to get a playable build your way and get some much needed feedback, so stay tuned!