You are the last surviving Valkyrie, and you must travel across Midgard to gather a great army for Ragnarok. Let’s take a look at the eight human colonies you will encounter during your travels!

Grand Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is a colossal biosphere connecting the divine realm of Asgard, the mortal realm of Midgard, and the banished realm of Vangard. Since the beginning of time, these three realms have coexisted in a cyclic balance that begins and ends with Ragnarok.

According to legend, humans once waged a devastating war against the gods which left much of Asgard in ruins. In retaliation, the gods shattered Midgard into a thousand pieces to never let mankind unite and challenge them again, starting the cycle of Ragnarok. You however remember the truth behind the myth, and must now do everything to prevent the looming calamity.

The Eight Colonies

Midgard is the home of humans, who live scattered across 8 different colonies. Due to the impenetrable veil that separates them, they have progressed at vastly different rates and developed unique cultures.

In the game, you will travel across Midgard to unite mankind under one banner. That is easier said than done however, as every colony you visit faces a unique problem you must first solve in order to gain its loyalty. Let’s take a look at them!

Paragon, The Machine Colossus

Paragon is an enclosed cybercity that lies in the north of Midgard. Little is known about the origins of this technological marvel, but the survivors of the last cycle found refuge here and have since called it their home. That is until a dormant AI is awakened, revealing the sinister history behind the empty steel dome and the dark fate that awaits all who enter it.

“The machine is a useful servant, but a dangerous master.”

Zenit, The Last Fortress

Zenit is a giant factory city that lies in the northeast of Midgard. After seizing power amidst growing ethnic tensions, the new State Party expelled the minority Midians along many other undesirables into the vast catacombs beneath the city. Surprising none, the benevolent implications behind “A Nation for A People” will now become a gruesome reality.

“He that is taken and put into prison or chains is not conquered, though overcome; for he is still an enemy.”

Kinae, The Sky Palace

Kinae is a feudal empire that lies in the east of Midgard. For several centuries, the ruling Shilla clan enjoyed power, splendor and absolute control. But when the heirless emperor drew his last breath, so did his united empire. Three powerful clans now vie for the throne, plunging the empire into a bloody civil war. Who will emerge victorious?

“The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been.”

Enhasa, The Golden Oasis

Enhasa is a mercantile city state that lies in the southeast of Midgard. Throughout its colorful history, the free city enforced strict neutrality to appease its much larger neighbors. However, foreign spies and religious extremists now threaten to disrupt this delicate balance, and the newly elected sultan must prepare for a war – one that she cannot win.

“Sovereignty is not given, it is taken.”

Serien, The Frontier Colony

Serien is a great prairie that lies in the south of Midgard. Five tribes inhabit this region, and their coexistence is at best tolerated. Everything changes however, when a foreign invader appears – aiming not to subjugate, but to exterminate. Can the warring tribes unite to face their common foe, or will they remain divided, dooming them all?

“Rain does not fall on one roof alone.”

Nautilus, The Far Harbor

Nautilus is a port town that lies in the southwest of Midgard. This former slave colony is about as lawless at it gets, but it remains a safe haven for petty criminals, fugitive slaves and would-be pirates. When tales of a legendary treasure echo through the bustling taverns, three fledgling pirates hedge a bet before setting sail under different flags.

“It is a blessing for a woman to have a hand in determining her own fate.”

Roanoke, The Calm Sanctuary

Roanoke is a tribal village that lies in the west of Midgard. The very nature that once supplied the people with fertile land now poisons the air, but tradition proves to be a stubborn foe to overcome. Directly disobeying the elder’s order to stay, a young girl risks everything to save her people – even if it means a lonely death in exile.

“Tradition becomes our security, and when the mind is secure it is in decay.”

Weisshaupt, The Cloud Palace

Weisshaupt is a medieval kingdom that lies in the northwest of Midgard. The Church of Libra’s absolute and divine rule over its devout people is fractured when a disgruntled minister, aided by opportunistic nobles, decides to expose its lies. The startling revelations spread like wildfire, and soon after an army of reformists begins its march on the capital.

“The darkest hour is often before dawn.”

Ready Chapter One

Each chapter focuses on the events of a single colony, but your actions may cause a ripple effect in other chapters. Once you have united all the human armies, you will be able to trigger Ragnarok and face the gods in the final battle for Yggdrasil.

The first chapter of Legion Hearts takes place in the medieval kingdom of Weisshaupt, and follows Ilia’s journey during the war between the church of Libra and the opposing reformation movement. Check out the cover art for a preview!

The chapter based release structure gives us quite a bit of flexibility, and we’ll add a poll to an upcoming newsletter to give us a better idea which chapters interest you the most and prioritize accordingly. So get subscribed if you haven’t already, and we’ll see you in the next one!