Valkyries! Who are they?

In Mythology

In Norse mythology, a Valkyrie is one of a host of female figures who guide the souls of chosen soldiers to either Valhalla or Fólkvangr after their death.

These Einherjar would then feast alongside the gods and prepare for Ragnarök, a great prophesied battle that will decide the fate of the world.

In The Story

Legion Hearts has you play as Kali, a time-traveling Valkyrie trying to undo the events of Ragnarök. In the process, you must regain your lost powers as you move forward in this alternate timeline.

To do this, you’ll have to awaken a new Valkyrie each time period you visit, and they will become the heroine of that story chapter. Ilia is one of those characters, who you will encounter in Weisshaupt.

In Battle

In battle, Valkyries act as leaders of your formations – think of them like the queen and king pieces from chess merged into one entity. A Valkyrie must always be present in a battle formation, and if they fall, you will instantly lose the battle and associated run.

They tend to be very powerful characters on their own, and their movesets and classes will dictate what types of units will complement them best. Just make sure to keep them alive!


You will be able to create a deck for each awakened Valkyrie, consisting of units you recruited in that time period. Leveling a Valkyrie will increase various deck stats and enable you to tackle more difficult campaigns.

Once you’ve reached Legendary status with a given deck, you will be able to add its characters to your Master deck – Kali’s special deck that does not carry any region restrictions. This deck will be used in the final story chapter, as well as in the online and roguelite modes of the game.