Take a look at the eight unique worlds that make up Midgard!


In the beginning, there was nothing but a boundless sea drifting in an ocean of stars. That all changed, when a divine lance pierced the skies shattered the old world into a thousand pieces.

In time, these fragments would form the great world tree, which began to sprout life on its many colony worlds – each of them taking mankind in a different direction.

You play as a Valkyrie, and it is your duty to judge mortal souls upon their death. The worthy will join the gods in Asgard, while the unworthy must be banished into oblivion.

1. The Crystal Glacier

Paragon is a habitation dome that lies in the crystal glacier, located north of Midgard. Little is known about the origins of this technological marvel, but the ancient inhabitants of the north found refuge here and have since called it their home.

That is until a dormant AI is awakened, revealing the sinister history behind the empty steel dome and the dark fate awaiting all who enter it.

2. The Sleeping Tundra

Zenit is a giant factory city that lies in the sleeping tundra, located in the northeast of Midgard. After seizing power amidst growing ethnic tensions, the new State Party expelled the many undesirable minorities into the vast catacombs beneath the city.

Surprising none, the benevolent implications behind “A Nation for A People” have all but disappeared, and a genocide of unseen proportions is about to begin.

3. The First Lands

Kinae is a feudal empire that lies in the first lands, located east of Midgard. For several centuries, the ruling Shilla clan enjoyed power, splendor and absolute control.

But when the heirless emperor drew his last breath, so did his united empire. Three powerful clans now vie for the throne, plunging the empire into a bloody civil war.

4. The Shifting Sands

Enhasa is a mercantile city state that lies in the shifting sands, located southeast of Midgard. Throughout its colorful history, the free city enforced strict neutrality to appease its much larger neighbors.

However, foreign spies and religious extremists now threaten to disrupt this delicate balance, and the newly elected sultan must prepare for a war – one that she cannot win.

5. The Grand Veldt

Serien is a frontier colony that lies in the grand veldt, located south of Midgard. Five tribes inhabit this region, and their coexistence is at best tolerated.

Everything changes however, when a foreign invader appears – aiming not to subjugate, but to exterminate. The warring tribes must now unite to face their common foe, or accept their doom.

6. The Wild Waters

Nautilus is a port town that lies in the wild waters, located southwest of Midgard. This former slave colony is about as lawless at it gets, but it remains a safe haven for petty criminals, fugitive slaves and would-be pirates.

When tales of a legendary treasure echo through the bustling taverns, three fledgling sailors hedge a bet before setting sail under different flags, not knowing where the adventure will take them.

7. The Spirit Forest

Roanoke is a tribal village that lies in the spirit forest, located west of Midgard. The very nature that once supplied the people with fertile land now poisons the air, but tradition proves to be a stubborn foe to overcome.

Directly disobeying the elder’s order to stay, a young girl ventures outside the great forest to find a way to save her people – even if that means a lonely death in exile.

8. The Cloud Valley

Weisshaupt is a medieval kingdom that lies in the cloud valley, located northwest of Midgard. The Church of Libra’s absolute rule over its devout people is fractured when a disgruntled minister, aided by opportunistic nobles, exposes the depths of their corruption.

These startling revelations spread like wildfire, and many answer the call to join a reformist army gathering on the outskirts of the holy land. Now, the divinity of the mandate of heaven is put to the test.

Regions & Chapters

What do you think? Each of the game’s chapters will take place in one of these regions, ultimately culminating in Ragnarök – the end of the world.

The game’s first chapter will take place in Weisshaupt and follow Ilia’s campaign against the Church of Libra and be part of the early access version we aim to release next year.

The other chapters aren’t set in stone however, and we plan on releasing them based on your feedback! So expect a poll in your newsletter soon to help us see which regions and premises you find most interesting. Until then!