Hey Legionnaire,

Help us pick a character design!

Kali, the Time Thief

We’ve got a brand new character to share! This time it’s Kali, a mysterious girl who just doesn’t quite seem to belong in this world. But before we delve into her backstory, we need your help deciding on her design.

She’s a character you will spend a lot of time with in the game, so we wanted to leave the choice up to you! Let us know which hair color you prefer, and we shall make it a reality.

Effects, Effects, Effects

The combat system in Legion Hearts requires hundreds of skills, which translates into thousands of possible effects. Coding each effect by hand would take forever, so we created a robust template based system instead that allows us to make new effects much more easily. (As usual, placeholder art alert!)

The main challenge was categorizing all possible effects and making sure each effect template covered all of its desired variations. For example, a heal spell can apply instantly or over time, restore a flat amount or a percentage of another stat, or even activate after another effect expires. It’s been a lot of work trying to get it right, but we’re almost there!


Last up is a new concept for Nautilus, the Wild Waters. Long abandoned by the colonial government, this former trade hub has become a home for thieves, pirates and other lowlifes alike.

The story in this chapter will follow a former slave on her very first adventure to track down a legendary treasure. Stay tuned for a proper preview!

Talk soon,

Kai from Legion Hearts

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