Hey Legionnaire,

September is around the corner and we’ve got some news for you!

Game World Reveal

Learn a little bit about Yggdrasil, Midgard and each of the many human colony worlds in our world map showcase that we posted earlier this month.

Each chapter will take place in one of these colony worlds, and we’ll start with the ones you find most interesting – expect a poll in your inbox soon!

Production 101

We also put together a quick primer on game production 101. It’s one of those ubiquitous positions that can mean everything or nothing depending on which studio you work at.

As always, feel free to ping us if you’re curious about anything game dev! We’re professional nerds and enjoy talking about our job maybe a bit too much.

First Playable Prototype

We added the promised prototype to the Play page on the Legion Hearts website earlier this month. Give it a try if you’re interested!

As mentioned last time, we recommend you have a healthy tolerance for bugs and programmer art. You’ll also need a Windows PC – Mac and Mobile versions will be included later on.

Talk soon,

Kai from Legion Hearts

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