Hey Legionnaire,

I hope you had a good end to the year. Here’s the recap for December!

Game World Preview

The world of Legion Hearts is set on Yggdrasil and is loosely based on Norse mythology. Here, the three realms of Asgard, Midgard and Vangard coexist in a cyclic balance that begins and ends with Ragnarok – the inevitable calamity that occurs every one thousand years.

Your mission is to travel across Midgard and raise an army to ensure mankind survives this cycle, and we put together preview of the eight colonies you’ll encounter in the game here. We’ll add a poll to the next newsletter to get a better idea about which chapters interest you the most, so make sure to give it a read!

Ready Chapter One

Speaking of chapters, the cover art featuring Ilia is actually the cover for the first chapter in the game that takes place in the medieval kingdom of Wolkental. Check out this post for more details about that and initial sketches of the artwork!

Quick aside as we’ve got a few inquiries about access to the art files: It’s not high on the priority list, but we’re planning to make most of the artwork available for use in content creation or even just as wallpapers. This requires some graphic design work beforehand as well as just more artwork to begin with, so it’ll take a bit of time.

Next Up: Roadmap

We’re looking to finalize the planning for next year and move on to the production phase of development in the coming weeks. Our next big milestone is a polished vertical slice to better promote the game and get feedback on the gameplay, so you can expect more details about this in our roadmap soon.

And that’s it from us. We’re fortunate enough to work in an industry that got away relatively unscathed, but I realize this year was a much more challenging time for others. Now, I won’t pretend to know you or relate to your circumstances, but I sincerely hope 2021 treats you just a little bit better.

Happy new year,

Kai from Legion Hearts