Hey Legionnaire,

February has been all about the combat system. Come take a look!

Combat System Preview

Legion Hearts uses a tactical turn-based combat system that requires you to predict the flow of the battle. Once you’ve positioned your units on the battlefield, you get to watch your strategy unfold in real time!

Your goal is to kill the enemy leader unit while keeping yours alive. That’s easier said than done however, and the approach you take depends entirely on the units you have available and what you’re up against. Check out the full post for a more detailed look!

Character Classes

While every character in Legion Hearts is unique, they all belong to one of eight character classes which informs their abilities and stats. Some classes are geared towards damage, while others inflict enemies with crippling debuffs. Click here for the full rundown!

As you can only deploy a limited amount of characters in each battle, it’s paramount to select your units carefully. Playing around in the prototype revealed that the best formations have a win condition of their own, while simultaneously negating that of the enemy!

Designs Aren’t Pretty

One more thing before we wrap up February: Video games tend to look very ugly up until they don’t, and Legion Hearts is no different. When we share screenshots, designs or other development footage, keep in mind that almost everything you see is a placeholder.

While it would be tempting to put visuals through a marketing filter, we neither have the time nor money for it, and it would also go against what we set out to do with our dev log. So please bear with our programmer art for the time being, and we hope you’re excited for the first playable build headed your way!

Talk soon,

Kai from Legion Hearts

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