Hey Legionnaire,

Here’s the February roundup for Legion Hearts!

0.9 Update

The 0.9 update adds campaign progression to the build, allowing you to level up your deck, collect perks as well as new characters. That means we now have an actual game loop on our hands!

This is the last mechanics update before the next public test build, and we’ll focus on UI and fixes in the coming 0.10 update. Thank you for your patience!

Valkyrie Ascension

Our character designer Max created an awesome concept for our first ascended Valkyrie, and we put together a post here going over the actual Valkyrie mechanics in the game. Take a look!

Each time period features a Valkyrie who you must awaken, and she will become the protagonist of that story chapter. Valkyrie also provide unique bonuses to your battle deck, and choosing your leader character has a large impact on your strategy.

Kreidenwerk Turns 1

In other news, our studio Kreidenwerk officially turned one year old this month. We use it to do contract work in the games industry, and a portion of our revenue goes into making this project.

It’s a small milestone in the grand scheme of things, but being stable financially makes part-time work on Legion Hearts much more feasible. Here’s to another good year!

Talk soon,

Kai from Legion Hearts