Hey Legionnaire,

January has come to a close, and here’s what’s been happening behind the scenes.

Going Corporate

After what seemed like mountains upon mountains of paperwork, we’ve finally gotten incorporated in Switzerland! It was quite educational, and we’ve documented the whole formation process in this post here. Check it out if you’re interested!

Founding a company has always been a dream of mine, and I’m glad I finally got the opportunity to do so with Legion Hearts. While this won’t change anything about the development in the short term, we’re working on a certain partnership that we can hopefully talk about soon.

Environment Concepts

We’ve also begun work on environment concepts for the eight regions we’ve covered in our game world preview last month. Here’s a WIP preview of Paragon, the Silent Peak – a towering habitation dome governed by an autonomous AI. It’s also the home of Eve and Shu!

As mentioned in our previous post, visual development is an ongoing process and we’ll experiment with a couple of different art styles in the coming months. The artist behind this particular piece goes by the name of Gourd Design, so check out his twitter profile if you’d like to see more of his work!


Truth be told, it’s been a rather turbulent year for me and this project was one of the few things that helped me unwind in the evenings. I’m really excited to start doing this full time soon and wanted to thank you once more for following our progress and sending supportive messages our way.

Looking ahead, we’ll continue to refine our tech stack. This is a fancy word describing all the different technologies, frameworks and languages that will go into Legion Hearts. It’s not as visual as other parts of our development process, but feel free to shoot us a question if you’re curious about it.

Talk soon,

Kai from Legion Hearts