Hey Legionnaire,

July is upon us and we’ve got some exciting news!

Test Build Coming

We’re excited to announce that our first test build is arriving next month! This early prototype will showcase the battle system through a small number of combat encounters and the first iteration of the UI.

We’re still ironing out some remaining kinks, but we’re looking forward to get your feedback and see if the gameplay has potential!

0.4 Update

Next, we’ve got some update notes for the changes we made this month. This is the second round of balance changes aimed at making combat feel much more snappy.

  • Added Basic Dialog System
  • Reduced Battle Grid Size
  • Increased Battle Sprite Size
  • Added Battle HUD Framework

The changes made here will require a minor refactor of our targeting system, which is the last item on our list before can make the test build available. Almost there now!

Game Design Insights

We also made a post sharing some insight into the design process for Legion Hearts. It’s a topic we get asked about every now and then, so we thought we’d put together a bite-sized guide to game design.

We plan on expanding this series over time as part of our regular devlog, so let us know if there’s a role or topic you’re particularly interested in!

Talk soon,

Kai from Legion Hearts

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