Hey Legionnaire,

We’ve successfully patched our prototype and created some more concept artwork for the game’s regions. Take a look!

Patch Notes

We rolled out an update to our prototype build after extensive play testing and addressed several game mechanics touching the combat system. In summary, the biggest changes coming with 0.2 are as follows:

  • Unit levels are gone
  • Basic attacks are gone
  • Effect system refactor

Our MO at this stage is pretty simple: Axe features that we’re not going to use, and polish those that we’re going to keep. If you haven’t had the chance yet, make sure take a look at our combat system preview to get some context about gameplay changes like this.

Environment Concepts

We’ve also started to create concept artwork for the 8 regions we’ve introduced in our game world preview last year. Like other concept art, this is a mostly exploratory process to visualize our initial ideas and see if and how we should continue with them.

At its core, Legion Hearts tells a series of self-contained stories that only tie together at the very end. Therefore, it was very important that each of these chapters are interesting places to explore on their own, and we’ve reached out to Gourd, an Australian illustrator, to help us with just that.

Stay Safe

While home office feels like second nature at this point, getting used to the lack of social contact was a challenge for many of us here. Recognizing that my mental health was being affected just as much as my physical health by the pandemic was something I struggled to address for quite some time. I hope you’re faring a bit better this year!

On a more positive note, I used my extra time at home to do a little home remodeling and ordered some prints which you can see in the image above. Turns out I ordered one too many! So if you’re interested in a (60cm/45cm) print of the Chapter 1 Cover (Crimson), drop me a line at kai@kreidenwerk.com and I’ll ship it to you free of charge.

Talk soon,

Kai from Legion Hearts

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