Hey Legionnaire,

Spring is upon us, and here are the news for March!

0.10 Update

The 0.10 update is here, adding a new UI for the gameplay changes we’ve been talking about since the last test build. We’ve also included a healthy dose of bug fixes, but we might need another patch until we can call it stable.

This also means that the play page has finally returned and you can try out the combat prototype yourself. Make sure to join us on Discord if you have any feedback for us – we’re keen to hear your thoughts.

SwissGames Showcase

In other news, we’ve been selected for the SwissGames Showcase 2022! This is an accelerator program launched by the Swiss Arts Council providing matchmaking and international exposure to studios like ours.

Concretely, this means that Legion Hearts will be showcased at several international expos this year, including the Nordic Games Conference in Malmö and Gamescom in Cologne. Exciting times ahead!

Legion Hearts at GDC 2022

Speaking of expos, we just returned to Luzern after spending a little over a week in San Francisco attending GDC 2022. Jetlag is starting to hit us like a truck and our legs are spaghetti, but we’ve had an amazing time.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by at our booth to give the game a try! And if you just signed up to this newsletter at the event, make yourself comfortable – we think you’ll like it here.

Talk soon,

Kai from Legion Hearts