Hey Legionnaire,

June is here and we’ve got some poll results!

Kali Poll Results

Last month, we asked you to help us decide on Kali’s character design. We’ve tallied the votes we received last night, and here are the results:

“Both” wasn’t actually an option, but we did have a design for it that we rejected early on. How did you know it even existed?

Either way, the results were certainly much closer than we expected! The deciding factor was the comments you left describing how you felt about the character, which we highlighted in this reddit post.

Based on this, we’ve decided to move forward with the Silver version of Kali on promotional artwork as it’s most representative of her role in the story. Thank you so much for your participation, you’ve been immensely helpful!

0.3 Update

We’ve also released the update notes for the changes we made to our internal prototype. It’s been a lot of backend work, but we’re really happy with the progress we were able to make. The highlights include:

  • Basic VFX Implementation
  • A New Effect Type
  • Equipment System
  • Fast Forward Button

Concretely, we’re almost done with the core functionality of the battle system, and we can move on to create content (think characters, levels, enemy formations) for the first public test build slated for this summer.

New Region Concepts

Last on our list is the preview for the 4 remaining regions to round out our game world preview. Weisshaupt, Serien, Nautilus and Roanoke are some of the more historical settings in the game, and we’re curious to hear what you think.

Next up, we’ll create a proper world map illustration so you’re able to see all the regions together with full context. From there, we’ll run a newsletter poll to get your feedback about which regions you find most interesting and adjust our chapter release schedule accordingly. Stay tuned for more details on this!

Talk soon,

Kai from Legion Hearts

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