Hey Legionnaire,

Winter is almost around the corner, and here’s the recap for November!

Work In Progress

As announced in our previous post, we’re going to make some big changes to the battle system. Since we’re tackling one issue at a time, it’ll take a while until we can put together another stable build.

Legion Hearts Medieval Town Illustration

That means the updated prototypes won’t be accessible through our website for the next couple patches, but we’ll share the change notes with you as usual. Thank you for your patience!

0.7 Update

This update streamlines several aspects of the combat system to reinforce the core mechanics – most notably unit placement and turn times. At the same time, we’re simplifying other areas that were frequently cited as being confusing, if not distracting.

This is the first batch of tweaks in a large gameplay change and will take a few updates to become playable, so we’re taking down the live build for the time being and expect it to come back with the 0.9 update.

Funding a Game

As part of our ongoing (and likely never ending) quest to fund this game, we applied for a small tech grant here in Switzerland. This will be a recurring topic on this devlog, we used the opportunity to document the process in our game funding 101 post here.

And that’s the news for November! We might be a bit less active in the coming weeks as some of us got new day jobs, but we’ll keep chipping away at our tasks and hopefully send the next build your way sometime in January. In the meantime – stay safe and keep healthy!

Talk soon,

Kai from Legion Hearts