Hey Legionnaire,

It’s already been a year since we started this project. Time sure flies!

Legion Hearts at Nordic Game

We’re currently wrapping up NG21, a developer conference taking place twice every year. While the expo aspect is less relevant for us at this stage, it’s a great opportunity to network and make connections with potential investors and publishers ahead of our milestones next year.

We’re really happy with the feedback we’re getting, and seeing what sticks and what doesn’t when it comes to our pitch is super useful for the many conferences we’ll attend in 2022. We’ll try to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of them when we’re back to physical venues.

0.6 Design Thoughts

The combat prototype has been downloaded over 500 times, and we’ve finally went through all of your comments. In this post, we’re discussing both your feedback and our own thoughts about the state of the game. Thank you to everyone who gave it a try!

It’s a very design heavy post and thus theoretical in nature, but we’ll try to do these every now and then to explain our thought process on why we’re adding a certain feature over another one, for example. As usual, let us know your thoughts on either Discord or Reddit!

1 Year In

Last up is a look back at our development journey thus far. This project began one year ago when we posted our very first devlog entry for Legion Hearts. Little did we know what it would turn into!

We also put together a little roadmap preview for next year. As always, the depicted timeframes depend on our funding situation, so do take it with a grain of salt. That said, thank you so much for following our progress until now – and your patience – as we slowly but surely chip away at this game. Here’s to another great year!

Talk soon,

Kai from Legion Hearts