Press Kit


Legion Hearts is a tactical RPG where you assemble your very own army deck using warriors from every epoch of history and deploy your troops in turn-based autochess battles. Travel back in time to save Midgard as the last surviving Valkyrie in the story-driven campaign or explore the depths of Hel in the replayable roguelite mode – your legion, your tactics!


  • Developer: Kreidenwerk
  • Platforms: PC, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch
  • Website:
  • Status: Pre-Production
  • Release Date: 2024
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: Digital Download and Limited Physical Release
  • Languages: English, German, Japanese, Korean – Additional Languages TBD
  • ESRB: Rating Pending
  • Social Media: Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Discord


  • Play as a time-traveling Valkyrie and save Midgard in the episodic single-player campaign.
  • Travel to every epoch of history and recruit hundreds of unique characters by aiding them in their final moments.
  • Select characters from four distinct classes and build your very own battle deck to play with.
  • Test your strategy with the tactical autochess battle system and outmaneuver enemy formations.
  • Manage your deck as you progress through replayable campaign maps and take down epic bosses.
  • Combine fallen characters to fuse abilities and create your own synergies.

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Kreidenwerk is a Swiss development studio formed in 2021 by three Solid Clouds developers who wanted to make a game they’d play themselves. We leverage over 20 years of experience in making games to build our debut title Legion Hearts, and we’re supported by amazing industry friends from around the world to help us with our vision.