Characters in Legion Hearts belong to one of eight unique classes. Let’s take a look at them!

Class System

We covered the battle system in our first post this month, and it’s time to take a closer look at the unit classes. Each character in Legion Hearts is unique, but their skills and abilities generally fall into four categories:

  • Support
  • Disruption
  • Offense
  • Defense

Each of these categories is further divided into two distinct unit classes, which informs their primary skill and stat distribution. Strategy RPG veterans among you should feel right at home!

Support Classes

Support units are backliners that target other allied units. They are divided into Medics who provide defensive buffs and heals, and Tacticians who grant game-changing buffs or apply specific restrictions to the battlefield.


Medics tend to companions in need and bless them with the strength to keep on fighting.

Abilities: Heal, Cleanse, Defensive Buff
Placement: Rear


Tacticians direct the course of battle by greatly increasing their allies’ prowess in combat.

Abilities: Offensive Buff, Attack Modifier
Placement: Rear

Disruption Classes

Disruption units directly interfere in the enemy strategy. They are divided into Rangers who greatly weaken enemies over time, and Commandos who disable a specific unit to neuter an incoming combo attack.


Rangers create gaps in the enemy defense by gradually weakening their targets over time.

Abilities: DoT, Soft CC, Stat Debuff
Placement: Flank


Commandos wreak havoc upon the enemy strategy by disabling their most potent units at the crucial moment.

Abilities: Hard CC, Disable
Placement: Flank

Offense Classes

Offense units are your primary source of damage. They are divided into Duelists who deal extremely high damage to a single enemy unit, and Grenadiers who attack large areas but take more time to wind up.


Duelists find the opportune time and location to eliminate a target with a single, devastating strike.

Abilities: Single-Target Damage
Placement: Center


Grenadiers inflict terrible damage on the enemy ranks by indiscriminately raining down fire.

Abilities: AoE Damage
Placement: Center

Defense Classes

Defense units are there to absorb the enemy attacks. They are divided into Sentinels who directly tank incoming damage, and Engineers who construct additional units directly on the battlefield.


Sentinels are the anchor of any battle squadron and form an indomitable frontline.

Abilities: Taunt, Counter
Placement: Front


Engineers protect their allies from harm by building traps and defenses directly on the battlefield.

Abilities: Summon
Placement: Center

Class Synergies

Each story chapter emphasizes a specific character class and will help you understand how to strategize around them. As you play through the single player campaign, you’ll also unlock more and more units to use in the game’s multiplayer mode.

While certain characters are immensely powerful on their own, the key to victory is building a squad that is greater than the sum of its parts: Run a specialized formation to hard counter another, or go with versatile formation to perform decently against most opponents. Either way, we’re excited to see how you’ll build your squads and shape the metagame of Legion Hearts!